Nottingham Solicitors

Nottingham Solicitors McIntosh Fleming & Co charge from just £449 fully inc to sell your house and from just £729 if you are buying. Probate just £725; Prenuptial and Separation Agreements from £500 and Compromise Agreements from just £250. We provide  an excellent legal service at a low fee to clients about the following matters:

We are different from other Nottingham solicitors in that we are approachable and unassuming.

We have been in the business and based in the East Midlands  for the last 20 years.

Our fees are either fixed or are completely clear and understandable in advance. Importantly unlike most Nottingham solicitors we do not occupy lavish business premises and use information technology to keep our costs to a minimum. We accept instructions by phone or e-mail without the need for formal appointments. We pass the benefit onto our clients by charging low fees.  As a result we are able to offer you one of the cheapest legal fees in town as well as a modern customer service. We believe you cannot find better Nottingham solicitors.

For your assistance we are open at evenings and weekends, as well as during normal office hours, and we are pleased to make appointments at your at your home for no additional charge.

Contact us by e-mailing or ring us on 0800 1712215 .